Tuesday, 2 January 2018

The Importance Of A Good Working Exhaust

The exhaust system has a number of important functions: limiting the noise level, reducing the temperature and speed of the exhaust gasses and increasing the efficiency of your car engine. The catalyst has the function to limit the amount of polluting combustion gases. To protect the environment and to respect the legislation, it is important that all parts of your Ferrari 488 Exhaust System are in perfect condition.

The exhaust system of your car is put to the test:
·         Due to frequent and large temperature fluctuations,
·         Internal corrosion by acid present in the exhaust gases,
·         External corrosion by water and salt ...

What is the function of an exhaust system

The function of an exhaust system consists of, among other things, the following:
·         Drain exhaust gases
·         Moving the exhaust gases
·         Cooling of the exhaust gases
·         Dampening the exhaust noise by fitting exhaust silencers
·         Improving the exhaust gas environmental impact through Lambda sensors and catalysts
·         Increasing the inlet pressure via an exhaust gas turbocharger

What is a broken exhaust system to recognize?

An exhaust system consists of several components that are all subject to wear. Think of corrosion (rust) from the inside through condensation and outside through rain, brine and mechanical stress due to vibrations and tilting of the engine, reduced catalyst operation and damage due to protruding or leaping cases. on the road surface.

These exhaust defects are often manifested in exhaust noise (crackling sputtering) under the car, sometimes intensified when accelerating, chattering and rattling when the cat is burned or broken brackets or suspension rubber. Leaking manifold gaskets are often recognizable by a crackling noise from the engine.

What is the importance of a good exhaust?

An exhaust in good condition optimizes fuel consumption and prevents harmful exhaust fumes from entering your car. It also limits the noise level. The exhaust plays an important role in the power utilization of your car. The catalyst ensures that the environment is less burdened.

What happens at an exhaust in poor condition?

Because of moisture and salt (especially in winter), your exhaust is susceptible to corrosion every day. If this continues, the engine power decreases and you get noise nuisance. Driving is getting worse and harmful emissions can enter the car unnoticed. This has dangerous consequences for your health. The environment is more heavily loaded and often the fuel consumption also rises. At that time it is wise to replace your exhaust.

Dangers for the exhaust  

If you make a failed cold start in the winter and "drown" the engine, it is possible that the operation of the catalytic converter, which reduces the harmful emissions of the internal combustion engine, is switched off. If you drive a lot of short distances, it is possible that the damper is not fully heated up. This allows it to rust through from the inside out.

Exhaust repair

Sometimes it is possible to repair from exhaust, for example by welding the exhaust or assembling a clamp or suspension rubbers. Only when repair is no longer an option, we will replace your exhaust.

Champion Motorsport Ferrari 488 Exhaust System

Champion Motorsport offers you the following services:
·         Free diagnosis of the exhaust line, without an appointment
·         Checking the oxygen sensor that limits the emission of harmful substances, the catalytic converter and the exhaust gases
·         Free quote tailored to your car.
Since the exhaust system of your car consists of several parts, Champion Motorsport Service Center will only replace what is needed.

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